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Everything about the right dose of Ativan

There is no doubt that staying productive is very important for everyone nowadays. With the advent of the time, the lifestyle is becoming very busy and people are facing some serious issues. Medication like Ativan can be very helpful in this case and can be life-saving.

Many issues are attached with the use of Ativan that need your attention. You should only use the medicine after consulting about this with your doctor. The doctor should examine your present state of disease along with your past history of medical treatments. You should also tell the doctor about your past history of the drug or alcohol habits.

Take the right dose only

Now we are going to talk about the right dose of the Ativan which is a most important factor. The drug will be working for you like a wonderful only when you know about the right dose of the medicine. Overdose and low-dose both can be dangerous for you. You should also know the fact that taking the Ativan for a long time and cause tolerance. In the other situation, you may become physically dependent on the medicine and get addicted to it.

Overdose of Ativan

An overdose of the Ativan is very dangerous and it can easily kill anyone who is taking the overdose. There are some common symptoms that you may be able to see in the patient after taking the overdose of the medicine.

1-    Confusion,

2-    Vomiting

3-    Show reflexes

4-    Drowsiness

5-    Losing control over senses

6-    Faint

These are some of the very common symptoms which can be seen in the patient when he has already taken the higher dose of the medicine. You should take immediate action to save the life and call the 911. You can also call the poison control center in that situation.

Missing dose of Ativan

The next dangerous thing is missing the regular dose of the Ativan. You should know that Ativan has the withdrawal symptoms virtues and thus it must be taken a great care that you are never missing your regular dose. By missing the regular dose you can make the mental health worse and may experience all the withdrawal symptoms of the medicine.

You should also note the fact that the double dose is equally harmful and after missing your regular dose you should not make the dose double in any situation to compensate. You should call the doctor and take the advice when you skipped the regular dose of the Ativan.

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