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Ativan and drug interactions

You should know that life is full of ups and downs. In many cases, we suffer from more than one disease at a time. In order to deal with the situation, we may see different health specialist and go through various treatments. But you should know the fact that not all the drugs are compatible with each other. You cannot make the combination of some particular drugs. Mixing them together is known as drug interactions. Only the doctor knows well that what type of the drugs are safe to combine and will be healing fast.

Some issues

In some cases, there can be very dangerous consequences of the taking more than one drug in a combination without the advice of the doctor. The first thing that you should do is make the list of the drugs or the substances that you are using at present to deal with your health. This will be making is very easy for the doctor or the person who is treating to take the right decision.

Don’t make mistakes

The next very common mistake that most of the patient make is stopping the use of the medicine. Certainly, after taking the powerful medicines like Ativan, you may start feeling good. But you should know the fact that only the doctor knows when to stop and how to stop your medicine. On the safer side, you should not stop, change, start any other medicine without looking for the right advice of the doctor. There are some other products which might be interacting with the Ativan like clozapine, kava, sodium oxybate etc.

Consequences of drug interactions

You should know that there can be some serious consequences of the drug interaction. You may feel a problem with breathing, drowsiness etc. In case you have increased the amount of the drug without asking your doctor, it can also cause the serious breathing problems. You should always tell your doctor about the drugs that you are already taking to deal with the problem.

Tell the medical history

Tell the doctor about your medical history of the treatments like anxiety, sleep disorder, depression, alcoholic lifestyle, seizures, marijuana etc. In case you are taking some medicine for the muscles relax, it should be also brought to the knowledge of your doctor. All this is necessary because the drug interaction can bring several health issues and it will be very hard to deal with them at once.

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